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Durian, the King of Fruits: How to open


We found this Durian in the market, imported from Davao. We could not resist. -

Durian is eaten for it's smell and creamy, buttery consistence and of course, because it is said to be an aphrodisiac. In Indonesia goes the saying "When the Durian falls, the sarong goes up!" By the way, that's in April and May. We don't have a photo of that because it is February.

It tastes strongly of onion, of very old brie and it smells from rottening garbage. The consistency is partially like vanilla cream, some parts with few soft fibers. The taste stays in your mouth for hours, no matter how much and what you drink. - The seeds are nuitricious as well, full of starch, cook them like the seeds of jackfruit with the rice.

For shakes and long-drinks an eating spoon of its creamy flesh is enough per glass, sweeten the drinks with muscovado - sugar, for long drinks it fits to white rhum. There is another saying about Durian not to be mixed with alcoholic beverages. 

Last Updated ( Sunday, 27 February 2011 09:10 )  

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