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Buri - Palm: flowers only once at the end of long life


The buri (corypha utan) is an awesome tough fan palm tree that lives for 50 to 80 years and grows 20 and more meters high. At the end of its life it throws off the leaves and produces a huge inflorescence with up to a million of tiny flowers and more than half a ton of seeds. - The fibers of the buri branches are woven into fine mats or huts, the soft flesh of the trunk can be eaten as sago substitute. Buri can be tapped to collect ten liters of sap a day, we have yet to find buri tuba. Tip for adventurers: If in Bohol, start looking for it in Balilihan.  
We saw many buri palms in 10 weeks, but only four in various stages of seed production.

Following some other palm trees with flowers and seeds.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 27 February 2011 16:07 )  

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